Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Wisest Woman I Know...

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing, God-fearing, pro-active, kind, loving, hard-working, mother, has to be the wisest woman I know.  Years of studying the word of God, trial and error, and I'm sure, in her description "flying by the seat of her pants" has taught her wisdom beyond belief!:)  She has dedicated years of her life to teaching college students to grow in their faith, and is a go-to person for so many, who just need a little guidance and a listening ear!

Well, she has a blog, too!!!!!  "A Wise Woman Builds" comes straight from the heart, and I love reading her analogies (which cracks me up, as I used to get reallllly tired of these as a teenager ;), and her words of wisdom! 

I love ya, Mama, and thank you for all the wisdom you've shown me over the years.  You're truly an amazing woman, and an inspiration to me, and so many others!


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