Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ramblings in the wee hours of the morning (read at your own risk! ;), so I've been a horrible, awful, terrible, no good, very bad, blogger.....ugh!  My friend Maria has just started a blog (please, please check it out...she's hysterical and has such fun and yummy ideas ;), and since she added me to her blog roll, it was a good reminder that maybe I should post!  So, to get back in the game, I'm just rambling....forgive me,'s been a long day and I should be in bed.  But when else will I grab 10 minutes in the next couple of days to get back in the proverbial saddle and type a blog post????

Frankly, things have been crazy around here lately!  Like, it's 1:03 am right now, and I'm still up...and this is the "norm" around here these days.  I just finished working on a couple of orders that have to go out tomorrow, and made party favors for my soon to be THREE year old's "pink polka dot" birthday party (a combined party with her bff, Sadie ;)!  If only I didn't have to sleep, things would be sooooooo much easier!

I got a new laptop...finally!  But, I'm still adjusting to the way the keys feel, so it's hard for me to type.  Or, maybe I'm just loopy and tired! ;)  I love looking at photos and graphics on the new laptop....ooooh, la la...who knew websites could be so PRETTY! :)

Finally, Les Miserables (the 25th anniversary concert) was on PBS tonight.  I was THIS CLOSE to becoming a member of my local PBS station at the $180 level so that I could receive a copy of the DVD AND CD...I was enamoured.  Seriously, ALL the Jean Val Jean's performed together at the end...."Bring Him Home"...goose bumps, just thinking about it!  Made my night!  Have I revealed here my dream to be "Eponine" on the Broadway stage?  Probably not, but you had better believe I was singing my life away up in my little office while twisting fabric rosettes! ;) 

Thanks for letting me ramble!  I'll post pics soon of B's b-day party.  I cannot believe she is going to be three!!!!  Sniff, sniff.....

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