Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines, anyone? ;)

A fun and new idea for Valentine's Day!

I love to give the adorable little girls in C's preschool class hairclips for holidays, so I figured I'd share this idea on my etsy site.  Now to come up with an idea for the boys....besides candy! ;) 

I'll show you the awesome custom valentines I ordered from my friend Traci's site tomorrow....just need something to stick on there for the little guys....hmmmmm...let me know if you think of anything! ;)

Have a wonderful and blessed WEEKEND!!!!!! 


Liz ;)


  1. Did you think of anything? You could do what the room mom for W's class last year did and give all of the boys fart machine keychains for Valentines. You can imagine just how thrilled I was about THAT one! What about something like little packets of gac (gak? do they even make that stuff still??) Or little jars of playdough? Maybe even make the playdough yourself and put it in canning jars with a fun "boyish" ribbon?

  2. Oh Jo, that's why I love ya! If I told C he could give the boys fart machine key chains he would think it was the best day, evah! ;) I love the make your own playdough idea...maybe for all of the kids...awesome! Now come on over and help me make it! ;) xoxoxo

  3. Cute! Poor Katie only has one other little girl in her prek class. But it's kind of nice too b/c they're bestest little girlfriends.